Speakers 2016

Lydia Noble – A well known young Waller and Musician.

A well known young waller and musician from Shepley in Yorkshire will be giving an illustrated talk on her work. Lydia Noble is a DSWA Advanced Level waller and this year, along with an associate , won the DSWA Pinnacle Award for their roundhouse project. This is the highest drystone award in the world. There are photographs on her website here –http://noblestonework.com

Lydia, her brother, and father all appeared on the Teletubbies, when she was a toddler, building a drystone wall ! It’s on Youtube.

David Wilson – Stone Carving.

David Wilson from Perth in Scotland will be giving an illustrated talk on his stone carving at NS58  


Sunny Weiler – Artistic Garden Design.

Sunny Weiler from The Republic of Ireland will be giving an illustrated talk on artistic garden design using stone at NS 58.

Originally from the lush countryside of west Cork, Sunny Wieler developed a passion for art and the outdoors from a young age. After obtaining his degree in Fine Art & Sculpture in the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork in 2002, Sunny followed his love for the outdoors as a landscape gardener where he developed his love for plants and also discovered his passion for stone

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